How I Can Help with Your Pain Points

What are your pain points?

A writer must know the pain points of his audience beforehand, in order to create quality copy for that audience.

A pain point is a problem that your customers are having. It might be an actual problem, or it can be simply perceived.

Entrepreneurs often create opportunities for themselves by naming pain points, then creating solutions for those points.

I am a freelance writer. I do it full-time. For my primary market — my niche — I have chosen to serve conscious business leaders and coaches who are so busy changing the world, they don’t have time to write.

So when putting my work out there, I have to identify their pain points around writing. I talk about one of those in my mission statement, found in the above paragraph.

Maybe they don’t have time to write.

Maybe it’s not convenient for them to write.

Maybe they have more of a visual brain, and not so much a word brain.

Maybe they already write, but they feel like they’re not good at it.

And that’s where I come in!

I love the act of coming up with words, then stringing them into sentences and paragraphs. I’ve been doing this ever since I was old enough to push crayons around a piece of paper. My father told me I was good at it — he’s a college professor with several books under his belt, so it’s not just something nice he said about his kid. I’ve had teachers tell me. Bosses. Friends. I even had one friend steal my journal, just to read my poetry.

To say that writing is my passion is to understate it completely.

Yes, writing is my passion. But it’s also my life. That’s how my brain works. That’s how I process feelings. That’s how I express myself. That’s how I relate to the world.

So let me help you!

With your marketing efforts, with your manuals and documentation, with your correspondence, with your video scripts … whatever! Any thing you need written, I am happy to write it for you.

And if you already have written material, I guarantee I can improve it.

Why don’t you contact me to arrange a call or meeting? Use the Contact Me link, found under About Me.

I look forward to helping you with your writing projects!

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Posted by John Onorato

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